Adventure Island 4

Adventure Island 4 for NES! Officially released in 1994 only in Japan. The last officially licensed game for Famicom! The true finale of a highly popular series of the NES era! Unlike previous entries in the series, Adventure Island 4 features a huge open action/adventure platforming world, akin to the Wonder Boy series. Password system is utilized for resuming progress. Will Master Higgins rescue his girlfriend Tina from the evil Eggplant Wizard and rid the world of evil once and for all?! That's on you.

Product features:

  • We've used a yellow cartridge shell to match the Hudson Soft branding yellow and boxart and design styles used at the time.
  • Fully English translated!
  • Full color 16 page instructions manual!
  • Die cut box!
  • Made of new parts and pieces. No donor cartridges sacrificed!
  • Tested on NES and NES top loader and works flawlessly. Tested and does not work on Retron 5. Untested on other devices. If you are curious of compatibility on a particular device please email to ask.
  • The best part: VGDB temporary tattoo, sticker, and hologram sticker!
  • Individually numbered! Quantity made: 250.
  • The copy you receive is SEALED!

A limited amount have been made so buy today or forever hold your peace!!