Earthbound Beginnings

The first of the beloved Earthbound trilogy, which sadly never saw a release outside of Japan in physical format. An English prototype was found in 1998 and ROM hacking group Neo Demiforce released it to the public with "Zero" suffixed to the title, so for many years this was known as "Earthbound Zero". Finally Nintendo gave it an official release but only in digital format for the Wii Virtual Console in 2015 as "Earthbound Beginnings". The name "Beginnings" is so much better. Never before by anyone has this been released in physical format as "Earthbound Beginnings". This is the first time ever!

Believe it or not, but this is our highest quality release yet. We hired a team of mad scientists and they said it wasn't possible so out of spite we proved them wrong (and also to remove them from their contracts). Every single piece is newly made of all new parts and materials to truly do this gem justice giving it the full respect it deserves, making it an item you will both love not only for its gameplay experience and story, but also as a treasured & cherished piece in your collection for years to come.

Play as Ninten and explore rural America and meet friends along the way. Explore themes of growing up, fitting in, making friends, social rejection, finding acceptance, using your imagination, beating up hippies, and whatever trippy stuff goes down in Magicant (nobody knows), in one of the best, quirky, unique, and loved games ever.

Product Features:

  • We've DRASTICALLY reduced the frequency of random enemy encounters to make the game play experience A LOT more enjoyable. This is a common criticism of the original game, so don't yell at us for altering the original work and just thank us. Ok good. Areas like Duncan's Factory with the huge walkable rooms and repeating pattern backgrounds where it's so easy to get lost especially after each random encounter finally become bearable. You can explore each corner and crevice of the large outside world without having to spend your entire lifetime doing it. The amount of experience and money you get from each battle is increased to maintain even flow. Text speeds have been increased. Graphics have been updated and improved. Goofy enemies are goofier and creepy enemies are creepier! We think you'll love the updated Ninten, Lloyd, Ana, and Teddy sprites which look better than ever! ~1400 lines of text have been updated to better reflect a modern setting and create sensible connections to other parts of the series. These changes are based off the work of DragonDePlatino which was completed in 2014, so full credit to him for that. Additional changes and improvements have been made throughout. This truly is the best possible way to experience the original Earthbound.

  • Compatible on official NES and NES Top Loading units. Tested and does NOT work on Retron 5. If you need to know about compatibility of a specific device, please ask.

  • CIB copy is so beautiful that we recommend having a clean pair of pants nearby when you first handle it just in case. 28 page full color manual. Die cut box. Beautiful vibrant colors. Everything has been fully designed from the ground up through a collaboration with @thisroomisanillusion who is the best there is. Damn. So nice. Game is housed in a red cartridge shell. What a nice touch. Plastic baggies, dust sleeve, styrofoam insert? Check. VGDB sticker and temporary tattoo? It's the little things. It even comes with a map showing the large outside world – you know a game is really serious when it comes with a map.

  • The copy you receive is SEALED.

  • Limited quantity have been made. Individually numbered on the inside flap of the box.

This is the VGDB + Retro City edition (the only edition that exists). Released alongside the great folks at Retro City. Thank you to them for everything they do.

We've made a limited quantity of 1,000. Once they sell out, they're gone forever, so buy now, or forever hold your peace!