Magical Chase GB

The Forgotten Port everyone Must Play

Magical Chase GB is an extremely well-made port of the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 classic, which is a highly popular title that has achieved "cult-classic" status over the years. The port was officially released only in Japan in late 2000, less than a year before Game Boy Advance was released. Because of its release date so close to the release of the Game Boy Advance, the North American release was scrapped for fear that it wouldn't sell very well since most gamers were already focused on the Game Boy Advance at that point.

In this horizontal scrolling shooter (SHMUP), you play as Ripple the Witch, a young student of magic. Ripple has just broken a promise she made to an evil, terrifying witch, and took a peek inside a forbidden book, which freed six demons. Each demon has been cast into the world, and now Ripple must fight her way through 6 exciting stages in order to return the demons back into their former bondage. Ripple sets off on her quest along with her two elf friends: Topsy and Turvy, who help her along her way!

The first three stages are extremely easy. Stages 4-6 are much more challenging and give even experienced gamers a challenge. Levels are filled with interesting enemies and most have a mini-boss in the middle of the stage, and a final boss at the end. Can you beat all 6 stages? 🤔

  • 100% English translated!
  • Full 12 page color manual!
  • Die cut box!
  • We chose to use the artwork from the Japanese GBC port. We believe the North American release of the game most likely would have used this art as well.
  • Game cartridge is translucent purple to match Ripple's clothes!
  • Professionally made from all new parts! No donor cartridges sacrificed!
  • Plays on Game Boy Color and ALL compatibles, such as GBA, Retron 5, GameCube Game Boy Player, and many others! Does not work on OG Game Boy.
  • Individually numbered! A limited quantity of 100 have been made.
  • VGDB hologram sticker!
  • Shrinkwrapped!

Perfect for a gamer to play, and also a collector to love! Add it to your collection today!