Mega Man & Bass

MEGA MAN & BASS was released officially only in Japan on Super Famicom in 1998. It holds true to the classic Mega Man formula, where the player advances by defeating bosses and acquires their signature weapons, which we all know and love. Due to the time frame and that N64 was 2 years old when this was released, the decision was made not to bring Mega Man & Bass to North American audiences. This is a high-quality fan-edition of the game to satisfy the gamer and collector urges in all of us. Will you be able to vanquish these 8 powerful robot bosses, defeat Dr. Wily, and restore order to the world?

VGDB brings you a beautifully created Mega Man & Bass in a full CIB package, which plays flawlessly on your SNES! Extreme attention has been spent on even the tiniest of details to ensure this will satisfy both the gamer and collector urges in all of us!


  • Comes with full 20 page color manual!
  • Die cut box!
  • Professionally made from all new parts! No donor cartridges sacrificed!
  • Region Free! Plays on ALL North American and European SNES consoles! Does NOT work on Retron 5!
  • Individually numbered! A limited quantity of 250 have been made.
  • VGDB hologram sticker!
  • Shrinkwrapped!

Perfect for a gamer to play, and a collector to love! Add to your collection today!