Mother 3

The finale of the beloved Mother / EarthBound franchise! This is a 100% English translated, full CIB package of what the North American release of the game might have looked like. Incredible attention to detail has been spent on even the tiniest of parts. When you hold this in your hand it feels like an authentic release, and gives that feeling of love and nostalgia that we get when we are playing our favorite games.

Follow the story of Lucas, a boy with psychic abilities on his adventures throughout the Nowhere Islands. Lucas meets friends and builds relationships along the way. Explore themes of friendship, fitting in, using your imagination, and growing up. Soon, a mysterious invading army comes along; it's up to Lucas and his friends to defend the Nowhere Islands and learn the meaning of true friendship along the way! 💛

  • 100% English translated!
  • Full 18 page full-color fold-out style instructions manual
  • Professionally made die-cut box
  • Game cartridge saves without issue. Created from all new parts and pieces.
  • Plays on Game Boy Advance and ALL compatibles, such as Retron 5, GameCube Game Boy Player, and others!
  • Individually numbered!
  • VGDB hologram sticker
  • The copy you receive is sealed, as if you bought it new in a store in 2006.