Pokemon Green

The mysterious OG Pokemon game that was never officially released.

When Pokemon was first being introduced around 1998, it absolutely exploded in popularity. At the beginning of the game you choose from 1 of 3 starting Pokemon - Charmander (Fire 🔥) to represent Red, Squirtle (Water 💦) to represent Blue, and Bulbasaur (Grass 🌿) to represent Green. Pokemon Red and Blue were each released in 1998. Pokemon Green was supposed to be released in North America, but instead Nintendo decided to release Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition to help promote Pikachu as the flagship character of the Pokemon franchise. This is a tragedy because it means Bulbasaur was never properly represented in the original Pokemon games!

  • 100% English translated!
  • Full 40 page full-color Trainer's Guide!
  • Die-cut box
  • Double sized, large Kanto region game map!
  • Link with Pokemon Red to trade and help catch all 150 Pokemon!
  • Game cartridge is newly produced and saves without issue!
  • Plays on Game Boy and ALL compatibles, such as Game Boy Color, GBA, Super Game Boy, Retron 5, GameCube Game Boy Player, and many others!
  • Individually numbered! A limited quantity of 200 have been made.
  • VGDB hologram sticker
  • Shrinkwrapped!

Satisfies our gamer urge to play, and our collector urge to cherish an awesome item! Add to your collection today!