The final chapter of the beloved Mother / EarthBound series. This is a 100% English translated version of Mother 3 - which was officially released only in Japan. This beautiful professionally produced piece is made from all new parts of absolutely the highest quality. This looks and feels exactly like any authentic release should, and displays AMAZING with the rest of your collection. Finally you can get this masterpiece of a game in a full CIB professionally made package in English, exactly how it was intended to be.

You follow the story of Lucas, a young boy with psychic abilities as he ventures through the Nowhere Islands. Lucas meets friends and builds relationships with people along the way. Soon, a mysterious invading army comes along, and it is up to Lucas and friends to defend the Nowhere Islands, and learn the meaning of true friendship along the way. This touching story has been described as "extremely emotional" and has been known to make grown men cry. Take pride in owning this beautiful CIB package, and playing through this masterpiece of a game.

Product features:

  • 100% English translated ROM!
  • Professionally made from all new parts and pieces! No donor cartridges sacrificed.
  • Plays on Game Boy and ALL Game Boy compatible devices, such as GBC, GBA, Super Game Boy, Retron 5, and others!
  • Individually numbered on the inside flap of the box.
  • Comes shrinkwrapped! Perfect to rip open for that "new game feel" or to present as a gift!

A limited quantity have been made, so add it to your collection today!